The Aetos Plate Carrier defines high-speed and low-drag. The addition of an integrated thermal management system makes this a must-have piece of kit.

The Aetos is available in standard sizing x-small thru 4x-large.

AETOS Plate Carrier Color Options:

Carrier Black


Carrier Coyote


Armor Express Carrier Color - OCP - Operational Camouflage Pattern


Carrier OD Green

OD Green

Carrier Ranger

Ranger Green

Carrier Tactical Grey

Tactical Grey

Standard Features

  • Front And Rear Integrated I.C.E.™ Ventilation System with Evap Technology™
  • Mission Adaptable platform for Optional Chest Racks
  • Low-Bulk Shoulder Construction for Optimal Weapon Compatibility
  • Fully Adjustable Shoulders
  • ID Placard Attachment Points Front and Back
  • Easy Access Bottom Loading Plate Pockets*
  • FirstSpear™ Tubes® Cummerbund
  • Reinforced Drag Strap

Aetos Plate Carrier Options / Accessories

  • M4 Chest Rack
  • Peraflex System Chest Rack
  • Peraflex System Pouches for optional Peraflex System Chest Rack
  • Removable Sling Catch
  • Cummerbund Soft Armor Inserts
  • Side Plate Pouch (SPP) for Side Rifle Plate Protection

What is the Integrated I.C.E. TM Ventilation System with Evap Technology TM?

I.C.E. or increased combat effectiveness is a unique ventilation system designed specifically to help you stay more effective for your whole shift.

Horizontal Vent Holes

Horizontal Vent Holes

The ICE by BODY ARMOR VENT’s horizontal vent holes allows air to flow upwards and also through the ICE panel to create true evaporation of your sweat from behind armor for the first time in history. This keeps your body’s temperature down in the summer and your body much drier and warmer in the winter.

Vertical Air Channels

Vertical Air Channels

Proprietary Foam-filled, vertical air channels move airflow upwards and out, without barrier, moving the hot moist air out and away, from your body creating true evaporation of your sweat from behind your body armor.

EVAP TEchnology

EVAP Technology

EVAP Technology™ is the continuous airflow between your torso and your body armor. Airflow is driven by hot air expanding and your own breathing which then produces evaporative cooling. Air moving over moisture, just like an AC!

Cooler in the Summer – Warmer in the Winter

Cooler in the Summer - Warmer in the Winter

I.C.E. by BODY ARMOR VENT™ keeps you COOLER in the summer and WARMER in the winter. Help yourself stay more effective your whole shift with I.C.E. by BODY ARMOR VENT™.

* The Aetos Plate Carriers bottom load plate pockets can accept 8×10 plates in the x-small, small and medium. The Large thru 4X-Large accepts 10×12 rifle plates.

The Aetos Plate Carrier pairs perfectly with the TenCate CR3200 Rifle Armor Plates.