When most individuals think of a ballistic helmet they envision the high-cut, high-speed, low-drag helmets that we see on the Special Forces Operators in the movies. While those helmets are “cool” the question comes up… are they functional. So, here enters the Caiman Ballistic Helmet System by Galvion (formerly Revision). This complete helmet system’s engineers designed it from the ground up with the end user in mind. The end-user in this situation just happens to be the next generation of Special Operations Units and Operators whose job demand the best.

Galvion’s whole helmet system is a fully modular lightweight, enhanced helmet suite and surely will not disappoint even the pickiest of operators. A streamlined, lightweight ballistic performance ensures the end-user’s kit runs equipped with the lightest, most comfortable, and highest performing head protection available. Used by special operations groups around the world you are sure to find the right match between fit and function for your needs.

What’s included in the Caiman Ballistic Helmet System?

  • Caiman Ballistic Shell
  • Wilcox L4 Series Shroud
  • Skelontonized Rail System
  • APEX Liner System
  • Hardware Kit

This item is made to order. Customer service will contact you with an expected lead time once your order is received. Because this product is made to order it is non-refundable and includes free shipping.

Features of the Caiman Ballistic Helmet System Suite:

Five-Size Helmet Suite

By offering five sizes over the traditional four size suite the Caiman Ballistic Helmet System offers a wider variety of helmet sizes which research shows results in the end-user head fitting more properly. Having a proper fitting helmet ensures a more stable helmet that’s optimized for comfort and performance. Most operators find that they end up wearing a lighter helmet than they typically would have due to the range in sizes.

Galvion Caiman Ballistic Helmet Scalability

Designed with your mission in mind, the full suite of ballistic helmets offers unmatched scalability and flexibility. The integration capabilities of this helmet give you the options you need for the operation at hand. Utilizing the skelontonized rail system, NVG Mount, optional mandible guard, Personal Signature Management System, armor appliques, and a plethora of other mission specific accessories – the Caiman head systems are your scalable solution for specialized operations.

Skelontonized Rails

Reducing the rail system weight by approximately 30% and maintaining its structural integrity gives the end user a durable design that is still capable of integrating with dove-tail style clips and O2 mask clips, as well as other performance enhancing accessories. The rail system also includes built-in bungees that provide integrated cable management and NVG stability and retention.

Apex Liner System and Retention System

Making your Caiman Ballistic System infinitely adjustable the dial-fit band and movable pads provide the end user with customizable comfort and impact protection.


Utilizing a skeletontization of all the system’s components has significantly reduced the weight and burden on the neck.

Caiman B3 Technology™

B3 or Ballistic, Blast, Blunt is the stringent testing and quality standards that the Caiman Ballistic Helmet Systems go thru to exceed U.S. military specifications for ballistic threats, structural rigidity, blunt impact, and blast fragmentation.


Caiman Helmet System Sizing Chart

Circumference Length Width

530 – 570mm / 20 3⁄4 – 22 1⁄4 inches

180 – 200mm / 7 – 7 3⁄4 inches

135 – 155 mm / 5 1⁄4 – 6 1⁄4 inches


560 – 590mm / 22 – 23 1⁄4 inches

185 – 205mm / 7 1⁄4 – 8 inches

145 – 165mm / 5 1⁄2 – 6 1⁄2 inches


580 – 610mm / 22 3⁄4 – 24 inches

190 – 210mm / 7 1⁄2 – 8 1⁄4 inches

150 – 170mm / 5 3⁄4 – 6 3⁄4 inches


600 – 630mm / 23 1⁄2 – 24 3⁄4 inches

200 – 220mm / 8 – 8 3⁄4 inches

155 – 175mm / 6 – 7 inches


620 – 655mm / 24 1⁄4 – 25 3⁄4 inches

210 – 230mm / 8 1⁄4 – 9 inches

160 – 180mm / 6 1⁄4 – 7 1⁄4 inches

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