The Fearless Plate Carrier is a cutting-edge plate carrier system. Featuring a laser-cut attachment platform, the Fearless PC features TUBES® quick-release Dynamic Cummerbund system with accessory sleeves so you can kit out just the way your mission requires.

Fearless Plate Carrier – Standard Features

  • Laser cut attachment platform
  • TUBES® quick release Dynamic Cummerbunds platforms with accessory sleeves
  • MRM Vent System featuring 3D foam technology
  • Front and Back ID placard attachment points
  • Reinforced drag handle
  • Adjustable Shoulder Straps
  • Upgraded Advanced Shoulder Pad (UASP) system featuring 3D foam technology
  • Bottom loading front and back rifle plate pockets
  • Accepts soft ballistic cummerbund inserts and plate backers

Optional Features

  • First Spear™ Buoyancy Compensators (size dependent)
  • Ballistic structured deltoid protectors
  • Laser cut Hard Armor Shoulder Plates (HASP)
  • Removable sling catch


To ensure proper sizing please complete the following form using a partner and soft measuring tape.

Fearless PC Sizing Form

Fearless PC – Color Choices

  • COY (coyote)
    Fearless Plate Carrier - Coyote
  • RNG (ranger)
    Fearless Plate Carrier - Ranger
  • BLK (black)
    Fearless Plate Carrier - Black
  • TGY (tactical grey)
    Fearless Plate Carrier - Tactical Gray
  • OCP (operational camoflauge pattern)
    Fearless Plate Carrier - OCP
  • OD (od green)
    Fearless Plate Carrier - OD Green