In an ever-changing world where non-permissive environments, and ultra-low visibility is becoming ever prevalent it’s time for concealable armor to innovate and morph with it. Thus, enter the Armor Express Hidden Defender. An ultra-concealable armor system with a low profile and flexibility to match your mission. In the high-stakes game of life, every advantage counts, and this concealable carrier gives you the flexibility to have pistol-rated protection without a lot of extra weight or bulk.

The Hidden Defender concealable armor system is a slim, low-profile ballistic protection option that is virtually undetectable when worn under clothing. The ultra-concealed design is a perfect option for undercover agents or executive protection details.

Hidden Defender Key Points:

  • Slim, Low-Profile Design that is virtually undetectable under clothing
  • Low show through in key imprint zones
  • Armor cut to protect vitals while minimizing weight
  • Armor designed and tested to meet the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) ballistic testing requirements
  • Superior thermal management utilizing TWEAVE® Fabric Technology
  • Designed for all-day wear, featuring the Razor II lightweight armor system and soft, moisture-wicking carrier material
  • Side-open zipper for easy donning and doffing
  • Berry Compliant Package Available
  • Machine washable carrier
  • Gender-neutral design