Adding a Level IIIa Ballistic Blanket to your agency or teams tool belt is a wise decision. The addition of a Ballistic Blanket can give your tactical operators a distinct advantage. Operators can utilize this portable level IIIa ballistic blanket to add an additional layer of protection in a variety of tactical situations. Armor Express’ Level IIIa Ballistic Blankets can be quickly and easily deployed in a variety of situations. They can be thrown over windows, doors and walls, or used as a personal shield in hazardous situations.

The Blanket is ideal for use in police & military vehicles as it can provide ballistic protection for the seat, window or door, and can even be used in explosive breaches and other EOD situations.

Level IIIa Ballistic Blanket Features

  • Comparable to Level IIIA Ballistics
  • Made with 100% Aramid fiber
  • Outer shell constructed with heavy duty Poly Duck fabric
  • PVC Carry handles
  • Rolls up and secures for ease of transporting
  • Standard sizes include 2×6, 3×6, 4×4, 4×6 and 4×8
  • Custom sizes available

The Level IIIa Ballistic Blanket is only available to credentialed Law Enforcement Personnel, Military Personnel, Security Guards, Correctional Facility Personnel, and other qualified personnel. Documentation required may include an official government or employer issued identification and additional certification forms. Certain federal, state, and/or local laws and regulations may apply.