If you are looking to add a rifle magazine to your kit while streamlining your gear, minimizing bulk, and reducing weight the Peraflex Single Rifle Mag Pouch is the perfect solution for some of our carriers. The Peraflex System is specifically designed to work with the TORC, LightHawk XT, HardCore H3 and SAU tactical vests; as well as select Armor Express OVERT patrol carriers.

By transitioning the pouch enclosure to an internal system, we utilize the structure of the core vest to keep the Peraflex Single Rifle Mag Pouch construction to a minimum. This keeps your pouch lightweight, yet strong and flexible and leaves room to add other items as well.

The Peraflex Pouch System offers the flexibility to customize your kit, while adding very few ounces. With the ability to be used in both front kangaroo or cummerbund configurations, you get maximum modularity and kit customizability per user.


  • Removes clutter and snag points while also reducing weigh
  • Slimline enough to secure your needed accessories inside the kangaroo or cummerbund on select vests without being too bulky

Peraflex Double Mag Pouch Color Options

  • Black

    Black Pouch Color

  • Coyote

    Coyote Pouch Color

  • Ranger

    Ranger Green Pouch Color

  • Tactical Grey

    Tactical Grey Pouch Color