Optically clear, ThorBoard ballistic shield provides vital protection while inside or outside of your vehicle. When in the door mount in the vehicle, the ThorBoard™ protects LEOs from ambush attacks. Flip the latch and the shield removes quickly and can be used to protect first responders during vulnerable events such as traffic stops, serving a warrant, and domestic violence. Its size and weight make it ideal to be used in confined spaces.

ThorBoard Ballistic Shield Features

    • 1 inch thick, 12″ wide by 18″ or 20″ long vehicle window and door mounting available
    • Independently tested to stop most handgun rounds up to and including .44 Mag

ThorBoard 1812: 1 inch thick, 18.5″ long. x 12″ wide. It weighs less than 10  pounds.
ThorBoard 2014: is 20″ long and 14″ wide and weighs about 12 pounds
ThorBoard 2418:This new larger SWAT version is 24″ tall and 18″ wide.