When you are standing on the front lines of society, facing it’s worst you want the best. When you want the best, you go to the experts. Armor Express has been among the leading ballistic manufactures since 2005, with roots that go back even further than that. The Armor Express Vortex Soft Armor Panels offer the end user a seamlessly combined properties of strength, comfort, and performance at an amazing value.

Acclaimed as one of the most versatile ballistic package available in today’s market the Vortex Soft Armor Panels are expertly constructed. Utilizing a slim profile and lightweight materials the Vortex Ballistics offer outstanding strength in both the Level II and IIIa configurations.

This product is the panels only, do not forget to add a Concealable or Overt Carrier to complete your kit.

All Soft Armor Panels are cut to order, and considered a custom idea. Once the armor has been cut there are no refunds or exchanges. Please ensure proper size prior to placing your order. If you have any questions about what size you should order please contact us.

If you are requesting a structured female panel additional measurements may be required to ensure proper fit.

Advanced Protection of the Vortex Soft Armor Panels

The vortex panels have been certified by the National Institute of Justice in both Level II and Level IIIa ballistic protection configurations to the NIJ 0101.06 standard. Armor Express takes it one step further by performing independent lab testing to ensure that each ballistic protection package is FBI, DEA and AE special threat compliant as well.

Vortex Soft Armor Panels NIJ Performance