Buffalo Armory transforms mild, low alloy carbon steel into high-strength steel, making it ideal for a better body and protective armor. Our transformational induction heat and quench technology create a significant opportunity for:

  • A unique and different way to make armor

  • Significant cost savings to the buyer

These considerations make the Star Armor an emerging premiere armor solution to give troops and first responders the protection they deserve.

Buffalo Armory:

  • A Certified Small Business

  • DOD Prime-approved supplier

  • Has DLA QSL Bulk Metal Supplier certification

  • Is ITAR compliant

  • Produces qualified ARL MIL-DTL-46100E FAT for dual-certified High Hard and NIJ3 armor

  • Is certified NIJ 0101.06 Level 3 with and without spall protection

  • Exceeds NIJ3, NIJ4, STANAG 1A, 1B, and 1C

  • Has 15 granted patents


Without hesitation, brave men and women continue to answer the call to protect and serve. But who can they count on to protect and serve them in return?

Buffalo Armory.

Buffalo Armory dedicates itself to making more than just armor; we’re passionate advocates for what will serve safety professionals best in the field. With independently tested and certified armor that stands up to daily abuse and, most importantly, active shooter events. Because when these events happen, first responders don’t have time to worry about what’s protecting them from what may happen next.

That’s their job. 

All Buffalo Armory products are made in the U.S.A. and sold exclusively to first responder agencies and organizations. Through independent testing, their warranty will always stand between them and an emergency. Because having the right kind of armor, means the difference between uncertainty and being prepared.

Have the proper armor. Have the right partner. Have no doubt.


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