On August 17, 2022, the State of Texas Office of the Governor, Public Safety Office – Criminal Justice Division, announced that it was accepting immediate applications for the Bullet-Resistant Shield Grant Program, FY2023. The Texas Rifle Shield Grant provides up to 50 million dollars in funding to eligible agencies specifically to purchase rifle-rated ballistic shields to respond to an active attacker scenario at schools. For a complete briefing on the funding of the Public Safety Office grant program, please visit the E-Grants Website.

Eligible Organizations:

The following types of organizations can submit the Texas Rifle Shield Grant application:

  • Independent School Districts
  • Institutes of Higher Education
  • Units of Local Government
  • the Texas Department of Public Safety
  • Other Educational Institutions that operate law enforcement agencies employing peace officers under Article 2.12, Texas Code of Criminal Procedures

The current funding expectations are approximately 50 million dollars total for FY2023. A qualifying agency should submit the final funds requested and certifications to https://eGrants.gov.texas.gov.

Applications are due by September 19th, 2022, at 5 pm CST.

Requirements for participation in the Grant:

The official grant paperwork is available online and defines the requirements for a successful proposal. The following is for informational purposes only.

Funds from the grant may only be used to equip peace officers (as defined by Article 2.12, Texas Code of Criminal Procedure) directly employed by a law enforcement agency operated by the applicant.

Public Safety Office will prioritize the equipping of certain types of officers in the following order:

  1. Peace officers directly employed by school districts;
  2. Peace officers contracted by school districts; and
  3. Other peace officers may respond to school safety emergencies.

Eligible organizations applying for grant funds will ensure their law enforcement agency adopts a Critical Incidents In-Progress (Active Shooter) policy. Implementing, at a minimum, protocols for assessing an active threat or violent encounter and immediately responding to stop the killing, stop the dying, and provide rapid casualty evacuation.

Eligible Items under Texas Rifle Shield Grant

The Bullet-Resistant Grant Program stipulates the funds are to be used to stop a specific type of round. The bullet-resistant shields purchased must comply with the National Institute of Justice (NIJ) Level III, III+, or IV. This means that the shields your agency requests funding for must be capable of stopping rifle rounds consistent with the current NIJ certifications.

The application process also encourages applicants to consider the reasonable cost of their request. The applications are evaluated based on the number of frontline peace officers equipped with shields and the average cost per shield.

How to Buy:

Our Government sales team’s mission is to ensure that your agency complies with the Texas Rifle Shield Grant stipulations. In doing so, Rules of Engagement Tactical, LLC will provide you with the proper documentation and competitive pricing needed for a successful proposal.  Additionally, our team consists of active and former peace officers who strive to ensure you receive the best possible value. As a result, your agency acquires the most number of shields possible. You put more capability to stop a threat into the hands of your officers and best utilize the public funds being awarded through the grant.

For quotes, e-mail [email protected].

Available Rifle Rated Shields:

To ensure your compliance with the Texas Rifle Shield Grant, we have created a list of our Rifle Rated Shields and some of their specifications. This list is not all-inclusive, and other options may be available.